Experience, passion and desire to astonish…

….are with us in our daily mission: that is to give life to genuine, healthy and delicious products of the highest quality.

We aim at offering to our customers a wide range of dairy specialities, capable of conquering any kind of palate, even the most demanding.
To taste our products? Not only. We want you to go through a real food and wine dairy experience. To do all this we can only start from the row material: the milk. The milk of our buffaloes is one-of-a-kind, because it is produced from animals of Mediterranean breed, the best to produce dairy products.
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An experience made of tasty products, stories to live, territories to discover.


The dairy product par excellence. A real greatness with an unmistakable flavour. Incomparable taste contained in delicacy and softness. It is realized with Mediterranean buffalo milk and cut off by the skilful hands of our cheesemakers.
Range of grammage
  • Aversana
  • Mozzarella
  • Bocconcini from 50g
  • Bocconcini from 100g
  • Bocconcini from 125g
  • Perline from 10g
  • Ciliegine from 25g
  • Treccine from 100g
  • Trecce from 250g
  • Trecce from 500g
  • Trecce from 1kg e oltre
  • Zizza from 500g
  • Zizza from 1kg e oltre

Mozzarella Affumicata

When a “cult” product meets smoky the result can only be an explosion of flavour. Exquisite if it is eaten on its own, but it is also capable to give a nice touch to every dish enhancing each ingredient.
Range of grammage
  • Smoky Provola from 50g
  • Smoky Provola from 100g
  • Smoky Provola from 250g
  • Smoky Provola from 500g
  • Smoky Trecce (every size)
  • Smoky Zizze (every size)


More than a dairy product. Refinement and velvety texture for a special product. A real “Jolly” in the kitchen, it is able to transform sweet and salty dishes in unique masterpieces.
Range of sizes
  • Ricotta from 50g
  • Ricotta from 100g
  • Ricotta from 200g
  • Ricotta from 400g
  • Ricotta from 500g


The real "Kings" on the table, they are capable of decorating lunch and dinner. From salty ricotta to toma cheese through cacioricotta. Different levels of aging to transform a product in a piece of art.
Range of grammage
  • Salty buffalo ricotta
  • Salty smoky buffalo ricotta
  • Chilli-pepper salty buffalo ricotta
  • Buffalo toma
  • Partially aged buffalo cheese
  • Aged buffalo cheese
  • Fresh buffalo cacioricotta
  • Partially aged buffalo cacioricotta
  • Aged buffalo cacioricotta


It isn’t a simple cheese but a real institution. One of the unavoidable must. A symbol of south Italy. Indispensable for every foodie and gourmet of dairy products. Available in different versions: fresh, partially aged, aged, smoky.
Range of grammage
  • Fresh Caciocavallo
  • Partially aged Caciocavallo
  • Aged Caciocavallo
  • Smoky Caciocavallo


One of the reasons why talking about dairy activities means to talk about art. The most particular fresh cheese in the world. A real soft and fluffy scoop made with mozzarella and cream. Let the taste surprise you with our versions: salmon, pesto, smoky and gorgonzola.
Range of grammage
  • Smoky buffalo burrata
  • Salmon buffalo burrata
  • Pesto buffalo burrata
  • Gorgonzola buffalo burrata
  • Cream Ciliegine
  • Stracciatella buffalo
  • Buffalo Mozzarella Prena


A great classic of the Campania tradition. An excellent kneaded-curd cheese realized with buffalo milk. Find out our smoky varieties, with olives, chilli-pepper or buffalo cheese from Sila.
Range of grammage
  • Buffalo scamorza
  • Smoky buffalo scamorza
  • Chilli-pepper buffalo scamorza
  • Olive buffalo scamorza
  • Sila buffalo cheese
  • Sila smoky buffalo cheese
  • Sila buffalo olive cheese

Yoghurt and Puddings

Authentic triumph of flavour, perfect for a break or as a meal ending. Able to surprise adults and children. Choose the flavour you like best and get carried away by our fresh and genuine products, exclusively made with buffalo milk.

Range of grammage

Yoghurt - 106ml and 212ml jars
  • Natural white
  • Sweat white
  • Blackberry
  • Berries
  • Citrus fruits
  • Vanilla
  • Cereals and malt
Puddings - 212 ml jars
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Vanichoc