3 buffalos, passion and so much heart…

...These are the ingredients which gave life to our world. The Azienda Agricola Torrewas generated this way, by the dreams, the humility and the work of Alberto Torre, who during the 1950s set off on a long journey starting from only 3 buffalos.

His children and then his grandchildren have continued his job, enhancing and taking pride in it, transforming a small world in a dairy farm which makes of the craft its pulsing heart.
Still today, in the third millennium, we rely on the experience of our hands to create buffalo mozzarella and burrata cheese, yoghurt and different kinds of cheese.

Because this is our history, what grandpa Albert has handed down to us: a know-how made of dedication, daily gestures, tenacity.


Because what we want to offer you is a top-notch product of the highest quality. A result that we can obtain combining tradition and innovation.


Tradition for us means passion, the real engine of our farm, the quality that is our trait since the 1950s. In order to bring to your tables only handcrafted products, genuine and healthy.

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Innovation is the gear that allows our story to go on, to look at the future writing new pages thanks to modern technologies, a scientific approach, advanced techniques.